Welcome to Dad Central.


Dad Central Canada is a network focused on promoting Father Involvement in Canada.

There have been significant efforts in the past two decades devoted to researching the role of fathers in healthy child development and to building the awareness of how to strengthen and support the influence of fathers.  

Dad Central Canada works to help men understand what an invaluable and irreplaceable role they play in the development and lives of their children can lead them to make a greater commitment and investment in their family.

Our objectives are:

  • To support the vital connection between dads, their kids, their families, and the rest of society.

  • To identify and establish best practices across Canada and around the world that connect and enhance fatherhood services.

  • To support provincial and local efforts focused on engaging fathers by being a portal for information, education and research for fatherhood initiatives.

  • To be an advocate on issues affecting fatherhood on a national scale.


Dad Blog

Connect with us as we share conversations on things dads do across Canada.  We are always looking for good stories to share.


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Professional Development

Engaging Dads is as much skill as it is knowledge development. Dad Central can help you grow your father-friendliness through training that focuses on understanding key aspects of father involvement.  This includes best practices and action planning. 

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