Call for Workshop Proposals


Call for Workshop Proposals

Fortifying Father Involvement Toolkit

Dad Central Ontario is developing a toolkit to support communities’ efforts to engage fathers.  This toolkit is being funded by the Counselling Foundation of Canada and will be disseminated across the country.  Among other things, the toolkit will include a number of self-directed workshops for fathers.   These workshops are to:

We are seeking individuals with expertise in the following areas to design 90 minutes workshops for fathers:

In order to maintain consistency within the toolkit, all the workshops will be based on common principles and themes, which will include, but not be limited to,

Workshops are to be designed to be delivered to fathers and reflect adult learning principles, i.e., a variety of learning formats, handouts, discussion, etc.  They are to be self-directed, in that they should be deliverable straight from the toolkit, without any training for people facilitating them.


Outcomes for the workshops:


Proposals need to include the following:

** If submiting more than one proposal, please complete a separate form for each proposal.


Working Relationship

Should your proposal be accepted, you will be expected to:

Dad Central Ontario will:


Please forward proposals to:

Brian Russell, Provincial Coordinator


fax: 416-252-4474

mail:  185-5th St, Toronto, ON  M8V 2Z5


Deadline for submissions:   Sept 30, 2013


Dad Central is commited to helping you effectively engage the fathers in your community.  We provide a number of training workshops designed to enhance the father-friendliness of your practice and organization.  

Stay tuned for training opportunities coming up.

If you would like to host/spronsor training in your community, contact us.


Dads and moms needed for research on the impact of PPD on families.