Being a dad can be tough and Dad Central knows that. This page is specifically for dads, and is a great place to find resources, activities, and programs that can help you navigate the world of fatherhood. 


Dad Booklets & Tipsheets

Dad Central Ontario has a series of booklets for fathers.  Download them, read them, and let us know what you think.




24 HR Cribside assistance Manual

The 24 HR Cribside Assistance Manual is designed for new dads to help then navigate the first few months of fatherhood. Written as a new car manual, this resource will help to keep your 'model' healthy and happy. 

Child Development resources

Knowing their abilities and interests is an important part of raising your child.  This helps you give good guidance and offer them experiences that meet their needs.  These tip sheets offer:

  • generally what you can expect your child to be doing

  • some ideas for activities you can do to encourage your child’s development


Looking for something to do with your children, or skill-building programs for dads? Check out the Dad Directory to see what programs are running across the country.